Abdulkhaleq H. Tawwaf Adel Abdullah Ali Qasem


The research aimed to measure the role of administrative control tools (administrative inspection, supervision and observation, administrative reports, estimated budget, records and statistics) in improving job performance at the Cooperative and Agricultural Credit Bank (CAC Bank).

A descriptive analytical approach was used, with a questionnaire as the data collection tool. The research population consisted of all employees at the CAC Bank (General Administration - in the capital Sana'a), totaling 610 employees at various administrative levels. A random sample of 270 individuals was selected.

The research found a significant positive role for administrative control tools: supervision and observation, administrative reports, records, and statistics in improving job performance at CAC Bank. However, administrative inspection and the estimated budget showed no role in job performance. Job performance was rated high and is linked to the implementation of administrative control tools in general, but it is most influenced by administrative reports, followed by records and statistics, and then supervision and observation.

The research recommends continuous enhancement and development of administrative control tools by the bank, developing control tools, involving employees in decision-making, improving relationships between employees, developing communication skills, and fostering teamwork.                       


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Administrative control, job performance improvement, Cooperative and Agricultural Credit Bank.

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