Dr. Sameer Mohsen Muthanaa Ahmed


This research aims to understand the meanings of affection and love, identify their rhetorical connotations, and highlight the main differences between them. The researcher used several scientific methods in the research, including the descriptive analytical method. The research consisted of three chapters where the researcher discussed the meanings of affection and love, provided examples of Quranic verses that mention affection and love, and concluded with a conclusion that contains the main results and recommendations. One of the key findings was that the occurrence of a word in one context differs in meaning from its occurrence in another context, and there are differences between the meanings and connotations of the words love and affection in the Holy Quran. Among the meanings of the word affection in language are: (love, affection, lover, friendship, desire, pillar, book). It was revealed that affection is ranked among the highest levels of love, but its linguistic meaning has not settled on a single meaning, but rather on several meanings. Although one of them is love, it is not explicitly referred to. The meanings of love and affection almost always revolve around an emotion that inclines the soul towards what it sees and believes to be good. The meanings of love are united and similar, while the meanings of affection are varied and distant. The research concluded by recommending further studies and research on words that appear to have similar meanings and connotations but are actually different and sometimes contradictory, as is the case with the words affection and love.


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semantic, affection, love.

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