Dr.Hala Mohamed Imam Mohamed


The aim of this research is to explore the role of artificial intelligence in achieving justice, the challenges it faces, and the opportunities available, including issues of access to justice, power balance, human bias, and significant applications of artificial intelligence systems. The current uses of artificial intelligence in the justice system were reviewed, such as legal analysis, decision-making, and practical applications of artificial intelligence in the field of justice. Additionally, potential future models for its application in the field of justice were discussed. Ethical and legal issues associated with relying on artificial intelligence in the justice system were also examined. By studying current examples and relevant scientific studies on the impact of artificial intelligence on justice, the focus was on both the positive and negative aspects. Important findings were identified, and recommendations were made on how to enhance the use of artificial intelligence in serving justice in ways that ensure balance, equality, and fairness for all parties involved while mitigating the anticipated negative effects of its use.


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Artificial intelligence – Enhancing justice – Challenges – Opportunities.

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