Mahmod Okasha Eman Daha


The study aimed at reaching a valid methodology to measure metacognition through alternative tools constructed and validated in terms of multi-method design that combines between qualitative and quantitative methods in measurement.

          A pilot study was conducted in which the computerized problem solving test was applied on sample of undergraduate students, the qualitative and quantitative data concerning their methods and paths they used to solve the problem in addition their thinking aloud protocols were collected, These data are used in preparing the study tools that applied on a sample consisted of (110) students from the faculty of education in(2013/2014).     

   The study revealed that there was a statistically significant correlation between students' scores in the concurrent methods (TAP) and the offline methods "MRT", "TSQ", The skills measured by the multiple response test were the most contributors to interpreting and predicting performance.

   The study revealed also that students' post calibration scores was a good indicator of metacognitive monitoring, and it was more accurate than pre calibration for high performing students. Traces data presented valuable information about students' skills and activity at each step of the solution.


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Metacognitive Skills Measurement, Multi Method Design , Verbal Protocol ,Task Specific Measurement.

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