Muneera Rashed Ghablan Husain Hadba Alrashidi


The present study aimed to investigate the predictive ability of the talent management practices of school principals to the affective organizational commitment of teachers in the State of Kuwait. To achieve this goal, correlation approach was used. The Talent Management Scale and the Affective Organizational Commitment Scale were applied to a random sample of 202 male and female teachers from Kuwait City schools. The results of stepwise regression analysis revealed that development and reward management practices were statistically significant predictors of affective organizational commitment predictive ability to emotional commitment, while identifying critical positions and competence training did not predict affective organizational commitment. The study recommends conducting more studies to investigate the predictive role of identifying critical positions and competence training practices in affective commitment.


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talent management, identifying critical positions, competency training, development, reward management, emotional commitment.

Gifted and Talented