Manal Muhammad Fadl Radwan


This study aimed to identify the role of social studies teachers in promoting digital citizenship values in the Aqaba Governorate. The descriptive-analytical research approach was chosen, and a sample of 318 teachers of social studies was followed using a questionnaire tool. The results showed that social studies teachers play a crucial role in raising students' awareness of digital citizenship values. The findings also indicated a positive trend towards integrating digital media in the learning process. Utilizing the statistical analysis program SPSS, the results revealed that most teachers pay special attention to introducing students to digital citizenship concepts. Moreover, the results demonstrated statistically significant differences at a significance level of (α = 0.05) in the responses of teachers regarding the application of social studies teachers in promoting digital citizenship values attributed to the gender variable, while there were no differences for the variables of academic qualification and years of experience. The recommendations are based on evidence suggesting the importance of enhancing teacher-training programs and integrating digital citizenship concepts into school curricula. Additionally, promoting safe use of social media in education, fostering positive digital interaction, and garnering parental support are crucial for instilling digital citizenship values effectively.


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digital citizenship, social studies teachers, enhancement, Aqaba Governorate.

Quality of Teaching and Learning Resources