د. دعاء عبد الخالق الساعدي


The aim of the present research is to identify the difficulties of applying the technology of enhanced reality in teaching history from the standpoint of the teachers of the subject. A 20-paragraph survey measuring the most significant difficulties in applying the technology of enhanced reality in teaching has been built. The researcher applied the identification to a sample of history professors at the faculties of education and literature at Iraqi governmental and non-governmental universities, including 58 teachers. The research adopted the scoping descriptive approach, and the weight and weight of the weight were extracted to calculate the degree of difficulty in using the enhanced reality technique in teaching. The research found the following results: difficulties in applying the enhanced reality technique by history teachers; the most important of these was the sense of low importance of applying the enhanced reality technique in teaching; the lack of knowledge of using technical media from images, videos, and pamphlets; and the lack of lecture time with the density of the vocabulary.

The researcher therefore recommends that the Ministry take decisions that will motivate teachers to use the technique as material and moral incentives, in addition to the need for universities to provide training courses, a comprehensive manual, and rooms equipped to use the enhanced reality technique for teaching.


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difficulties, technology, augmented reality, history, subject teachers