Ghazi Hussein Taan Al Bayati


In this article, we looked at the reasons why students reluctant to study at this stage? and exploring the underlying reasons that contribute to students' lack of motivation to study, the study used the descriptive analytical approach on the study population of (1185) male and female students, and were selected (228) students randomly as a sample for the study from Islamic secondary schools in Kirkuk Governorate. The questionnaire and interview were relied as a data collection tool. Among the most important of these reasons is indifference to school's tasks and duties. We have extensively studied the reasons for students' unwillingness to study at this stage, and delved into the causes they lack motivation to study. The study showed that there were statistically significant differences at (0.01) between the sample's responses about reasons related to the home and school environment and the student himself, preoccupation with network games versus indifference to the teacher's encouragement with grades, in addition, there was no statistically significant difference between the average sample responses relative to the school stage and the educational status of the father and mother. The study suggested enhancing the teacher's role in activating extra-curricular activities such as trips and exhibitions to increase students' motivation to study. Finally, the study recommended to follow these results from the "Department of Religious Education and Educational Studies".


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Motivation, Motive, Motivation to study, Low motivation, Islamic Schools

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