Shehab Mohamad Al-Sohpany


Abstract: The wide spread of injuries, diseases, accidents and pollutions in Yemen related to the poor awareness of safety practices of workers is considered the main reason and the root Cause of weak occupational/ specialized health and safety practices, applications, awareness and qualification in Yemen. Therefore this study aims to measure the existence of occupational and specialized health and safety curricula within different specializations of Sana'a University's educational curricula and plan which might be relevant to this weakness- This study started studying all colleges and sectors curricula's to evaluate and measure the existence of OSH1   curricula, subjects, specializations within the university, and comparing it with suggested check list curricula's which was design upon risk assessment of each section specializations and relevant legalization and standards requirements ,The results indicate a total absence of OSH curricula in the university which justify the weak outputs of the university (graduates), Then a set of recommendations were produced to  solve this issue and help developing the university educational system in Yemen.


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Safety in Yemen, High Education in Yemen, OSH in Yemen, OSH curricula in Universities, Sana’a University

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