د. سليم محمد عبدالله الضيفي


The study aimed to identify the Level of practicing ethics of educational profession from school teachers’ perspective in Raima Province, Yemen. A questionnaire was distributed to a sample of (131) male and female school teachers in Raima province. The descriptive method was used to collect and analyze the data. The study results revealed that the level of practicing ethics
was high with a mean of (3.55) and a standard deviation of (0.240). There were statistically significant differences at (0.05) in practice of profession of ethics attributed to variables of gender (male – female) and specialization,in favor of female teachers and mathematics respectively. However, there were no statistically significant differences at (0.05) among the participants attributed to education level, experience, school stage and nature of work at school. This indicates that practicing ethics of educational profession is a dominant feature of school teachers in Raima Province. The study recommends supporting the school teachers so that they maintain practicing ethics of educational profession.


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level of practice, school teachers in Raima Province, ethics of educational profession

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