أ.م.د. عبد السلام عبده قاسم المخلافي


This study aimed to identify the degree of using teaching strategies by teachers in the Faculty of Education – Sana'a University from their students’ perspectives, and to find out to what extent there are significant differences between means of students’ perspectives attributed to their specializations and gender. For the purpose of achieving these objectives, the researcher
used the descriptive, evaluative method, and designed a questionnaire of 32 teaching strategies to measure students’ opinions. The questionnaire was administered to a sample of 270 male and female students, who were selected by the stratum random method. The study results showed that the level of using teaching strategies in the Faculty of Education scored a mean of (2.59) at a relative weight of (59.02). From the students’ perspective, the most used strategies were lecturing, concept maps, dialogue, discussions,
brain storming, deduction and induction, and text analysis, whereas the least used were discovering, electronic learning, role play, peer teaching, field visits, debate, participatory teaching, contract strategy, six hats, learning cycle and flipped learning. There were no statistically significance differences at the level of (0.05) between the means of students’ perspectives about using teaching strategies attributed to their gender and specialization. Based on the results, the study recommends using various effective strategies, training teaching staff on using teaching strategies and segregating students into classrooms according to quality assurance standards.


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strategies, teaching, teaching staff, evaluation, students

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