د. محمود عبد المجيد عساف د. علاء محمد الغماري


This study aimed to identify the assessment degree of a sample of media and security people regarding the role of the community protection project in Palestine, which is being implemented by the National Commission for
Strengthening Values and Behaviors in the community, in relation to some variables (gender, work type and years of experience). The study also attempted to propose a set of recommendations that might contribute to activating the role of community protection. To achieve this, the descriptive analytical method was followed and a questionnaire of 31 items was used to collect data from a sample of 118 participants. The study findings
revealed that the degree assessment of the role of community protection in supporting home front requirements was high at a relative weight of (81%).
The first dimension (communication with the occupying forces) received the highest degree, whereas (building national affiliation) received the lowest degree. There were no statistically significant differences (<0.05) among the
participants attributed to years of experience and gender. On the other hand, there were differences attributed to work type in favor of security people. The study stressed the need to support security organizations in their pursuit to raise security awareness by encouraging the culture of media and security climate that supports home front. It was also recommended that project activities should be well-planned and all requirements should be made available to make the project sustainable.


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