د. محمود إبراهيم خلف الله أ. حنان أحمد التلولي


This study aimed to develop the comprehensive examination system in the intermediate college in the southern governments of Palestine, and suggest ways to develop it, and the researchers depended the descriptive approach in its analytical style, and used questionnaire  as a main tool for study, and the study sample was selected using the simple random sampling method, It consisted of (278) faculty and administrative staff members, and (220) male and female graduates, and one of the most important findings of the study was: that the degree of the study sample’s assessment of the level of effectiveness of the elements of the comprehensive examination system in the intermediate colleges in the southern governorates of Palestine came with a relative weight of (73.20%), which is a high degree, and that the degree of The graduates' assessment of their level of satisfaction with the comprehensive examination system got a relative weight of (80.10%), which means that it is very high. The researchers suggested a number of ways, the most important of which are: holding enrichment training and rehabilitation courses for all administrators and faculty members on the comprehensive exam, holding periodic meetings between the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the concerned colleges to discuss the comprehensive exam procedures, and developing the comprehensive applied exam standards, in order to achieve the development of the system.


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comprehensive examination system, intermediate colleges, southern governorates of Palestine

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