Nasr Kaid Ali Mohammed Benabdallah


We present in this article a detection system of ultrasounographic signal (USG) dedicated to the measurement of parietal rheology in human carotid artery. The aim of this practical work is to develop an ultrasonic method capable of visualizing the localized velocity profile of the carotid artery wall.

The device produced makes it possible to take the USG signal from carotid wall of the human neck. It comprises an ultrasonic contact probe applied during the measurement (sensor), a signal shaping circuit, an acquisition and digitization interface in conjunction with an RS232 serial communication port and a local computer terminal hosting a graphical user interface (GUI) implemented in Visual Basic integrated development environment enabling the display, archiving and the digital processing of parietal ultrasonic signal.

The aim of this study is to reconnoitering the possibility of using ultrasound for a continuous and non-invasive measurement of the arteries parietal rheology. In this work, a sensor of ultrasound is used to measure the movement and the speed of the carotid artery wall, an image of the arteries parietal rheology.


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USG, parietal rheology, TEDP, CODEC, microcontroller, RS232, Visual Basic.