Ezzadeen Kaed Syarilla Iryani A. Saany Abdulsalam K. Alhazmi Galal Saif


 In the field of online learning, the topic of engagement has drawn a lot of attention. According to research, when students engage in their own learning, they experience a variety of benefits, including greater motivation and achievement. Several metrics for gauging student engagement have been proposed in previous studies. Few, however, have been created to assess involvement in online learning contexts. The goal of this study is to create an instrument for measuring student involvement in online learning settings.  A critical synthesis of the literature was carried out by categorizing and then critically reviewing the literature in order to construct and integrate the variables that could aid in successful learning outcomes, leading to the development of a framework that can guide in achieving student engagement. This study confirms earlier findings while also directing the development of a student engagement framework for online learning systems.  The suggested model would bring value to literature by enhancing and improving understanding of the elements influencing student engagement in an online learning environment, resulting in active student learning.


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Student Engagement, Online Learning, Student engagement factors

Information Systems

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