Abdulsalam K. Alhazmi Adnan Zain Nasr Alsakkaf Yousra Othman


— Sustainability and sustainable development are
topics of concern for dealing with complex global socioeconomic
and environmental issues. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
are considered to be crucial in helping the world address these
issues. However, certain factors hinder the successful
implementation of sustainability initiatives and moves towards
sustainable development. This paper aims to identify the barriers
that hamper the effective implementation of sustainability in
HEIs. It also analyses how the integration of e-learning facilitated
by new digital technologies could help improve sustainability in
all aspects of education within HEIs. A review of extant literature
revealed that the major hindrances to sustainability in HEIs are
the complexity of sustainability, lack of support from top
management, lack of financial resources and public apathy.
However, HEIs can move forward by seizing opportunities
brought by the new digital technologies that disseminate
knowledge about sustainability and to achieve sustainable


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Identification of Sustainability Barriers in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Digital Technologies, Sustainability

Information Technology