Shawqi Alwatiri Zakarya Omar Yousif A. Algabri


People who live or work in areas where there have been armed conflicts may face the threat of landmines and explosive hazards, such as unexploded or abandoned ordnance, abandoned military vehicles, and equipment. Therefore, this is a tremendous obstacle to development and construction in such areas, which requires awareness of the threat and appropriate preventive action. This paper aims to facilitate the detection and elimination of planted landmines in Yemen. Two stages are proposed to be implemented in this study for the demining techniques: detection and clearance phases. The first phase uses a Quadcopter with detecting sensors to locate and map the mines' spot, while the second stage uses a Quadcopter to unload a mass on that determined location from a certain height. By employing these two stages, it is expected to quickly and accurately detect the locations of landmines. That will reduce risk, protect human lives, and provide a more efficient and safe way to sweep minefield workers using sample, small, and easy control equipment.


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Land mines, Quadcopter, Detection, Sweeping and Clearance, demining techniques

Electronics Engineering