asiah mohamed Akram Zeki


Social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many other platforms can serve in many aspects of our lives. Recently, these platforms become an effective way of medical communication. In addition, the number of social media users is increasing rapidly, and the usage of social networking sites plays a major part in our daily activities. However, it can be associated with a variety of challenges such as misusing of social networking sites in healthcare which can have dire consequences, ranging from apparently simple issues such as affecting the reputation of the doctors and patients to serious matters. To maintain professionalism and to preserve the concepts of privacy and confidentiality are crucial. This paper aims to discuss applying Islamic principles and core values to social network sites as guidelines for durable solutions based on Qur’an and Sunnah, therefore, making it more beneficial and useful for mankind.


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Social Networking sites, Preservation of life, Prevention, Privacy, Healthcare, Islamic viewpoint.

Information Technology