Mohammed Ahmed


This paper study the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in mobile learning (m-learning). In the this report study we discuss the meaning of Artificial intelligent AI and Mobile Learning Materials, make them clear to people and students. then, explain the significance of the application of Artificial Intelligence in mobile learning materials. The use of “artificial intelligence” in mobile learning Materials a opportunity to breakdown the traditional borders of learning in the classroom to make students-instructors regarding teaching classes fixed to the future m-learning market. This report research introduce five problems in mobile learning.These problems make it necessary to apply artificial Intelligence in mobile learning materials. Furthermore, the development of mobile learning materials as part of ubiquitous learning in Open Learning Universities. Furthermore, how are students utilising Mobile Learning for open learning? Smartphone devices have evolved from a means of communication to tools for M-learning, open learning, work, socialisation, and entertainment as smart mobile technology has advanced and their affordability has increased. Mobile learning Materials are the most important thing for open learning students to make learning as simple as possible. Additionally, the impact of applying artificial intelligence to mobile learning materials in open learning faculty and students was investigated. Finally, the study discusses the possibility of creating Mobile-learning Materials for use in open learning. The data were gathered through the use of an E-survey administered by faculty, as well as interviews with students and a sample of each study group. The findings indicate that college students' perceptions of using mobile Learning Materials are improving, and they are willing to use mobile learning.


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Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Learning Materials, Mobile learning

Computer Science