د. أمال عبد الكريم عبد الله العرشي


This study considered an important component of the Urban Fabric of which play major role in social and economic aspects of the people in cities, districts, villages, and neighborhoods.  Since the exist of historical cities, and its open urban space, have a distinctive activity within through all the urban fabric of any city.  According to urban design, some elements such as hierarchy, enclosure, form and space and its surrounding, good conditions of these elements giving values to the over all of the district and neighborhoods images in which reflect to the image of the city in general.  This will help a lot and create the interrelation of socio-economic aspect, using open space in positive ways will increase the effectiveness of social and economic activities with the city and versa vars.  The site survey and investigation and analysis various areas been selected (districts) found lack of understanding the role of open space, and lack of consideration of its importance to the social and economic activities aspects, also found neglected as important part of the urban land use due to many negative practicing in the actual implementation of the structure and detail plan of the study area of the city. The study builds theoretical framework based on the literature in order to understand and measure the compatibility of the actual conditions in relation to urban design theories and technical performance, the study conclude the real facts that all open spaces have no real consideration to open urban space order to improve areas within the city as a whole mainly in relation to socio-economic aspects, the study conclude that no real consideration to improve open urban space in order to improve areas within the city, also must of open space found either used by public mini bus parking, squires of commercial open market, as well as squatters and slums by homeless people. Therefore, study recommended, redevelopment, and reconstruct, rehabilitate and repair the open spaces in urban areas which improve all the overall urban spaces in the city through districts, and neighborhoods.


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urban space, urban design, housing areas, influence of socio-economic factors, form, space, fabric and functions

Architecture Engineering