Asma hizam alzahrani Mohamed Abdalazeem Alhaj Salih


The study aimed at analyzing Arab research standardization of the (TSI). The study used The descriptive approach based on the content analysis, and the Study group included (9) studies. The researchers prepared a data collection form. The study found that researchers prefer individual publishing. Publishing in the periodicals, and the use of the short version. first edition. Four studies were conducted in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. (6) Egyptians and Syrians participated in authorship. All studies were conducted on students. I also concluded that (5) studies used the Random method Study group, the Study group sizes were small, and the equation was identified in one study, and the Study group contained males and females in (8) studies. The translation procedures were clear in only two studies, there are seven studies that used the factor analysis, internal consistency, Cronbach's alpha, extracted norms in four studies, and the Normal distribution was examined in three studies. the detection of the factor analysis of the saturation on five factors and that the indicators (RMSEA), (CFI) were used in four studies. The study referred to many shortcomings and showed that researchers did not adhere to the ITC guidelines and found that the studies contained the risk of bias, so it recommended re-standardization of (TSI).


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Thinking Styles, Standrization, Arab Research

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