Rashid Al Hajri Ahmed AL Hadrami Mohammed Al Saqri Abdullah Al Tobi Ibrahim alwahaibi


The research aimed to identify the impact of private lessons on the performance of teachers in school from their point of view. The research used the descriptive approach and applied the questionnaire tool by applying it to a random sample of male and female teachers, amounting to (1228) male and female teachers, with (518) male and (710) female teachers, and concluded. The research concluded that private lessons have different effects on the educational process, as it showed that most of the statements of the educational effects axis fell into the large category of the scale, which is the category between (3.55 - 3.99), and this indicates the reflection of those lessons. The statement that the lessons contribute came in first place. “Privacy in filling the gap resulting from the poor performance of some teachers” and obtained the arithmetic mean (3.99) at a high level. The study also indicated that there are statistically significant differences at the significance level (α≤0.05) between the averages of the educational effects of private lessons due to gender, and the study indicated that there are no There are statistically significant differences at the level of significance (α≤0.05) between the levels of reflection of these lessons on teachers according to their academic qualifications and practical experience. The study recommends enacting laws and regulations that regulate this process.


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private lessons, school education, teachers Performance.

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