Dawood Al-Hidabi Tahraoui Ramdane Fatiha Laçri


The study aimed to investigate the impact of implementing a proposed program for developing critical thinking skills among student teachers at the High Institute for Teachers in Bashir Al Ibrahimi, Algeria. The quantitative, semi-experimental, one-group approach was used, consisting of a pre- and post-test. The developed program was applied to a sample of 37 male and female students from science specializations. The California Critical Thinking Test (2000) version (A) was used after testing its validity and reliability. The results showed that there were statistically significant differences between post and pre-test for some critical thinking skills, namely analysis, induction and deduction, while there were no statistically significant differences between the post and pre-test for inference and evaluation skills. Based on the study findings and Cohen Index (D), the impact of implementing the developed program on developing critical thinking skills was generally weak.


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program, critical thinking skills, High Institute for Teachers, Faculty of Education, Algeria.

Development of thinking