Mohammed Hamed Subhe Abu Odeh


The study aimed to explore the reality of using e-learning platforms, specifically the Darsak platform, in teaching the Arabic language and identify the obstacles to its usage from the viewpoint of Arabic teachers in Ma'an Governorate. The researcher employed a descriptive survey methodology, utilizing a questionnaire developed by the researcher consisting of 32 items. The questionnaire was administered to a sample of 210 Arabic language teachers in Ma'an. The study revealed that the degree of using e-learning platforms by Arabic teachers in Ma'an was high. Additionally, the results indicated that the challenges faced by Arabic teachers in using e-learning platforms were also high. The findings further showed statistically significant differences in the use of e-learning platforms among Arabic teachers related to gender and years of experience, while no significant differences were attributed to the variable of academic qualifications. The study recommends organizing workshops and training courses tailored for teachers and students to enhance their skills in effectively using e-learning platforms.


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E-learning platforms, Darsak platform, Arabic language.

Quality of Teaching and Learning Resources