Wafa Mohammad Mutleq Aldaassean


The study aimed to investigate the extent to which geography teachers in Aqaba Governorate use realistic assessment strategies and the obstacles to their application from their perspective. The researcher employed a descriptive-analytical approach, and the study sample consisted of 205 geography teachers from Aqaba Governorate. To achieve the study's objectives, the researcher prepared a questionnaire as a study tool, consisting of 40 items. The study found that the degree of geography teachers' use of realistic assessment strategies and tools, as well as the obstacles to their application, was high from their perspective. The highest percentage was attributed to the performance-based assessment strategy. The results also indicated a high level of obstacles to the use of realistic assessment strategies by geography teachers. Furthermore, there were no statistically significant differences in the degree of usage based on gender or years of experience, while there were significant differences attributed to the variable of academic qualification. Based on these results, the study recommended preparing a guide that includes a description of realistic assessment methods, practical examples, and providing it to teachers for their benefit when assessing students.


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Geography Teachers, Realistic Assessment Strategies, Aqaba Governorate.

Quality of Teaching and Learning Resources