Omaimah Ahmad Salamh Abu Kadijh


The study examines the reality of classroom teachers' practice of creative thinking skills from their perspective in Ma'an Governorate. The study aimed to understand how teachers apply creative thinking and whether they use teaching strategies that enhance the development of these skills in students. The study was conducted on a random sample of 150 female teachers from schools in Ma'an Governorate. Statistical analysis was performed using the SPSS program, and the questions were analyzed through it. The results indicated that classroom teachers' practice of creative thinking skills in Ma'an Governorate was high. Authenticity skill ranked first, followed by flexibility, and finally, fluency. The results also showed no statistically significant differences attributed to variables such as experience, academic qualification, and the number of training courses. The study concluded with recommendations, including providing training and workshops for classroom teachers to develop creative thinking skills, encouraging collaboration among teachers to exchange ideas and experiences, and using technology in classrooms to enhance creative thinking.


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creative thinking, classroom teachers, Ma’an Governorate

Quality of Teaching and Learning Resources