Suheir Mahmoud Jamil Salah


The study aimed to know the degree to which secondary school science teachers practice methods for developing innovative thinking skills (fluency, flexibility, and originality) among their students in Ma’an Governorate, Jordan. The researcher used the analytical descriptive approach to obtain information and answer the study questions. The study sample consisted of (274) male and female secondary stage science teachers from Ma'an Governorate. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher prepared a questionnaire as a tool for the study, which consisted of (30) items distributed on three axes. The study found that the degree of practice of science teachers at the secondary stage of methods of developing creative thinking skills in the schools of Ma'an governorate came to a medium degree and that the highest percentage of teachers' practices was for the skill of fluency, and the lowest percentage of practice was for the skill of originality. Based on these results, the study recommended the necessity of directing science teachers in secondary schools to pay attention to the development of innovative thinking skills, especially the skill of originality.


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Practice reality, Innovative thinking skills, Science teachers, Ma'an Governorate

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