Taghreed Abdel Hamid Jabr Al-Khatatna


The study aimed to identify the degree to which social studies teachers practice cognitive journeys via the web and the challenges they face from their point of view. The study relied on the descriptive approach, and the study population consisted of all social studies teachers in public schools in the southern region of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The study sample was from (163) teachers, and his mentors were social studies teachers in public schools, and they were selected randomly. The study results showed that the degree to which social studies teachers practiced cognitive trips through social studies teachers in government schools was at an average level, and the challenges facing social studies teachers for trips were at an average level. The study recommended the necessity of modifying curricula of academic courses to be compatible with their application using cognitive trips, and dissolving All challenges related to knowledge trips, in terms of providing Internet laboratories in schools in a manner commensurate with the number of students and courses.


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practice degree, web-based cognitive journey strategy, social studies teachers.

Quality of School Education Research