زبيدة عبدالله علي صالح الضالعي


This study investigated the level of supervisory competencies among female academic supervisors and female part-time science teachers from the perspective of female student-teachers in Najran University, Saudi Arabia.  To achieve the study objective, the comparative descriptive method was used and a questionnaire was designed to collect data from the study sample which consisted of (72) female student-teachers in the practicum course from the departments of Chemistry and Physics. The study results revealed that the level of supervisory competencies of the academic supervisor was high, while the degree of supervisory competencies of part-time science teachers was average. The results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences at the level (0.05) for the supervisory competencies of the academic supervisors and the part-time science teachers that could be attributed to the variables of discipline (chemistry-physics) and the type of supervision (face to face- online). The study concluded with some recommendations, including conducting awareness-raising training courses for female part-time science teachers on the roles assigned to them in order to facilitate the practicum period for the student-teachers.


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Supervisory Competencies, female Academic Supervisor, female part-time Science Teacher, Female Student-Teachers, Najran University

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