د. زكي عبد المعطي أبو زياد د. إيناس موسى الزين


The study aimed at identifying the impact of strategic agility in enhancing the entrepreneurial orientation at Palestinian public universities. To achieve this, the descriptive analytical method was adopted, and a questionnaire was used to collect data from the study sample, which consisted of (194) respondents who were selected by the complete census method. The sample represented all the staff in the supervisory jobs among Palestinian public universities (Al Istiqlal University, Palestine Technical University–Kadoorie, Al- Aqsa University). The jobs covered vice president and his assistants, dean, vice dean, manager, the head of department. The study results revealed that the Palestinian Universities are generally concerned with practicing dimensions of the strategic agility and the entrepreneurial orientation at a high degree. There was a statistically significant difference (α < 0.05) of practicing the dimensions of the strategic agility to promote the entrepreneurial orientation for the Palestinian public universities. The most effective dimensions of strategic agility on the entrepreneurial orientation were partnership of responsibility, technology, resource liquidity and substantial assets. On the other hand, there were no statistically significant differences (α < 0.05) of the strategic sensitivity dimension on promoting entrepreneurial orientation. The study recommended adopting all dimensions of strategic agility as a work methodology for Palestinian Public Universities in order to strengthen the entrepreneurial orientation, considering all the elements that support it.


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strategic agility, entrepreneurial orientation, Palestinian public universities

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